Benefits to Consumers

  • Provides reliable, readily available information on a company’s reliability or lack of accountability
  • Establishes as instant screening devices disclosure firms vs. non-disclosure firms
  • Permits more detailed comparison of contractors and bids
  • Eliminates sales intimidation, inflated claims, and the use of misrepresented products
  • Enhances understanding of company and products and services through disclosure information and product labeling
  • Improves service
  • Written information strengthens protection from fraud
  • Americans Who Care trust marketplace enforcement

Benefits To Participating Businesses

  • Establishes credibility with potential customers
  • Differentiates member from non-disclosure competitors
  • Increases customer confidence; reducing cancellations
  • Increases referrals and repeat business, due to improved customer confidence
  • Provides opportunity to obtain leads through participation in co-sponsored Open Disclosure Organization marketing Programs

Benefits To Industries Utilizing In-Home Sales

  • Establishes an ethical benchmark
  • Enhances reputation by making disclosure. a priority
  • Builds consumer confidence
  • Gathers support for disclosure and product labeling
  • Open Disclosure will increase the number of potential customers willing to allow sales representatives into their homes
  • Product labeling will do for manufacturers of products that are installed in the home what open disclosure does for sales

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