Contractor Facts

Let's take the home improvement industry as an example. In Philadelphia, individuals can enter the industry with nothing more than a business card - no prior experience, no financial resources, and no guarantee that they will be around for any length of time. At present, consumers have three business days to rescind a signed sales agreement, a regulation instituted by the Federal Trade Commission to give them time to verify businesses' claims. Disclosure firms, however, believe that this regulation doesn't go far enough. Three days is too little time for some consumers, particularly those who are elderly or physically disabled, to verify claims without the information provided by disclosure. Without disclosure, consumers are vulnerable to the practices of incompetent companies, unethical salespeople, misrepresented products, and slipshod service. With Contractor Facts, consumers have detailed, written information about their specific job and about the company doing that job. The owner's signature serves as a guarantee that the statements are correct; if they are not, the owner is liable for fraud. Contractor Facts participating companies want disclosure to become a requirement of all companies making in-home sales. Until that happens, they voluntarily provide details on their experience, finances, employees, and sources of business to prospective customers in writing, verified by their owners' signatures and photo ID. By doing so, they protect consumers and themselves from incompetent companies, and raise the performance standard among businesses doing in-home sales. Disclosure/ Transparency provides the consumer the opportunity as well as the responsibility to evaluate a contractors past performance along with price when evaluating estimates.

"Contractor Facts" Will Restrict incompetent
contractors and fraud in the marketplace,
rather then in the courtroom.

Show Me Your
"Contractor Facts"

Consumer Awareness and Capitalism At Its Finest

THE GOAL... Providing an Integrity Test For Residential Contractors. Having Them "DISCLOSE" their company’s History and Operating Procedures on the reverse side of their contract for Consumer Evaluation. Which Will Bring Accountability To The Marketplace For Businesses With Integrity, Principles and Values. Providing them The Ability To Thrive AND GROW.

"The American Work Ethic"- Personal Achievement
Hard Work - Financial Reward

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