Take advantage of your company’s good reputation and receive financial reward to grow your business.

Evaluating and Deciding

A price quote along with a written company history and operating procedure allows the consumer to easily evaluate those facts necessary to make an intelligent decision, so your company is not to lose profit to a low bid.

Pre-Printed Company Facts Insure Honesty

Business people will not intentionally falsify written company facts on the back of a contract to influence your decision to purchase, because they risk non-payment for the job, as well as possible prosecution for fraud.


Saves time when investigating company history and operating procedure, all information is readily available for evaluation. With Company facts printed on the reverse side of the contract, a slick, fast talking salesperson cannot create a verbal illusion of dependability and misrepresent contractor reliability.

Increased Customer Response

Because consumers value Contractor Facts when getting estimates, they call companies who include Contractor Facts in their Marketing Plan. Competition not willing to disclose company history and operating procedure could be perceived as deceptive.

Increased Call-Backs and Recommendations

The lowest price quote does not assure you of a call-back. Smart shoppers evaluate company history and operating procedure along with a fair price.

Reduced Cancellations

"After the Sale" jitters may not occur as often when a consumer signs a contract after evaluating written company information, documenting contractor reliability

Free Contractor Facts Online will be Promoting Your Firms Integrity on Youtube, and Facebook. Co-sponsoring reduces costs for all. In the near future, Free Contractor Facts will also utilize kiosks in shopping malls and all high traffic locations. With co-sponsored audio/video theme towers and carts. Collecting demographics and information from consumers and distributing cost effective hand outs and pamphlets, DVDs. - Lead Generation.....Increasing Closing Ratios

- Minimizing Cancellations.....Prompting Call-Backs & Referrals

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