EXAMPLE OF THE 1 (One), 2 (Two), 3 (Three)

Requirements For Participation With Contractor Facts Online
Step 1 (One)
Licensed contractors With Personal Accountability, Integrity, Principals and Values
Step 2 (Two)
Disclosure/Transparency Show Me Your Facts on your company’s history and operating procedures attached as part of the contract for consumer evaluation
Step 3 (Three)
Disclosure / Facts Attested with owner’s photograph and signature which provides marketplace enforcement when attached as part of the contract "Accountability"

Contractor Facts

Phone Number
1. Business Experience (Name of Co. and Date Started

2. Principals(Owner, owners or officers of corporation)

3.Continuity of ownership(Who are the principals and How long have they owned this business

4.Were any of the principals/owners previously licensed as a residential contractor in the USA Yes No If yes, name of companies

5.License Information
Contractor license

6.Insurance Information
Liability limits

7.Type of Business Ownership
Sole Proprietorship Partnership Management Corporation Home Improvement Center Installation Dept Sub- Contractor
Major Retailer Installation Dept Sub-contractor

8.Type of Business Establishment Owned Rent
Business Office
Office In Home
Showroom Office
Showroom Office Factory

9.Company Assets $
Approx worth of company-real estate inventory, equip- ment, vehicles, customer good will

10.Business Volume (in dollars yearly)
Approx volume of annual business in gross dollars

11.Business Volume (jobs installed annually)
Approx number of individual jobs completed per year)

12.Manufactured Goods
Approx percentage of goods manufactured by company

13.Number of Employees
Approx number of yearly employees (not sub contractors)

14.Employment Status
Avg. percentage of sales sold by self-employed, independent Brokers:
0-10% 11-30% 31-60% 61-100%

15. Employment Status (Installers)
Avg percentage of work installed by company employees
0-10% 11-30% 31-60% 61-100%

16.Limited Service Policy Offered Not Available
Length of time

17.Guarantee Offered Not Available
Length of time

18.How Business is Generated(approx annual percentage)
A-Off the Job Recommendations Including Internet
referrals, and repeat business
A ______%
B-Other Companies B ______%
C-Advertising C ______%
D-Marketing D ______%

To be read by the consumer
Name Of Company_____________
Is a participating Residential Contractor that adheres to the principals of Contractor Facts which are put forth with our disclosure statement on the reverse of our contract. Shop-at-Home companies and/or residential contractors – fill out a competency questionnaire that consumers can evaluate. This becomes the disclosure information on the reverse side of their contract. Sign an affidavit attesting to the accuracy of the disclosure information. If the contractor is a partnership both partners must attest to the information. If the contractor is a corporation the information must be attested to by two officers of the corporation, if applicable. If an underhanded or foolish contractor would intentionally misrepresent with fraudulent information to influence a purchase they risk non-payment by the consumer the contractor would lose their ability to take the consumer to court and would risk the possibility of prosecution for intentional fraud. Competition in the market place will regulate information disclosed by the contractor.
With www.Free Contractor Facts Online.com the consumer does not have to rely on the salesperson’s verbal explanation of company history and Operating Procedure. This information is invaluable to the homeowner when obtaining estimates and signing contracts. “Contractor Facts” will turn shop-at-home selling for residential home improvements into a intelligent choice for consumers when they are given the opportunity to make an educated decision while they are getting estimates. Contractor facts will restrict incompetent contractors and fraud in the marketplace rather then in the courtroom.
Contractor Facts does not mediate disputes between participants and consumers, nor does the organization accept complaints about poor products, poor service, etc. Contractor Facts only acknowledges that its participants are willing to openly disclose information for consumer evaluation. The organization does maintain a direct line (215) 455-1400 or 1-800-568-6989 For any questionable information disclosed on a member’s contract. Putting on notice any member intentionally distorting disclosure facts would be subject to Marketplace Enforcement.
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