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"Contractor Facts" Promoting the Concept That Consumers Are Entitled To Honesty and That "Sales Talk" Must Be Backed Up With Printed, Factual Information as Part of the Homeowner’s Contract. This Gives Shoppers The Obligation to Evaluate both Company Reliability and Fair Pricing.

"Free Contractor Facts Online" gives consumers the opportunity to make an intelligent decision when investing in home remodeling. Informed consumers are always looking for value and willing to pay for quality as long as expectations for contractor reliability is assured.

THE MISSION... TRANSPARENCY... Improving the way homeowners deal with the lack of accountability, misrepresentation and fraud from less than honest contractors. "Contractor Facts" requires "DISCLOSURE" of the company’s History and Operating Procedures on the back of their contract for consumer evaluation. Less than honest contractors not providing transparency who quote an extremely low price just to get the sale will be at a disadvantage.

THE GOAL- To give reliable contractors with integrity and a fair price the ability to close sales and grow their businesses.

THE PROBLEM- The difficulty consumers have in obtaining accurate information on a contractors reliability and their accountability after the sale- Before the consumer signs a contract.

THE SOLUTION "TRANSPARENCY" Disclosing to homeowners the contractor’s percentage of repeat business and referral’s compared to advertising. It’s a FACT that home improvement companies who do not provide quality products, timely, superior installation and service after the sale will not receive recommendations or repeat business.

THE ENFORCEMENT- "Marketplace Enforcement" EXAMPLE- If any intentional fraudulent or misrepresented information is used to influence the consumers decision to purchase, this fraud will eventually become known. Less than honest contractors will not be able to enter a courtroom without the risk of prosecution for intentional fraud.

This could possibly bankrupt fraudulent contractors due to the inability to collect debts through the courts.

THE BENEFITS- Disclosure/ Transparency exposes contractor reliability and sends a message to all Home improvement contractors that provide in home services to PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL, to DELIVER WHAT THEY PROMISE and to SERVICE WHAT THEY SELL.

"Free Contractor Facts Online" ...

SUPPORTS- "DISCLOSURE CONTENT LABELING" Home improvement Products installed by contractors should be content labeled by manufacturers. Similar to the legally required content labels found on mattresses and pillows. Consumers would have easy access to home improvement product information, for example what gauge of steel is in their door and if brass hardware is solid or plated. Contractors cannot remove the label only the home owner can discard it. Underhanded contractors would no longer be able to utilize "bait and switch" tactics on the quality of the building materials that go into your home.

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