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"Contractor Facts" Will restrict incompetent contractors and fraud in the marketplace rather than in a courtroom.

I James Karl Weigold for 30 years have been using the revolutionary flag- for the symbolism the flag represents. As a proud American Who Cares,

I have made "DISCLOSURE"

Open Marketing "Marketing Dynamics for Profit". Take Advantage of your company’s good reputation. Home Remodelers, Inclusion on Contractor Facts Requires Accountability, Principals and Values. Residential contractors must meet all existing licensing and insurance requirements. (Local, State, Federal)

"God Bless America"

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Free Contractor Facts Online delivers innovation in the marketing of home improvement products and services, rewards positive job performance and instills pride for personal achievement. This provides home remodelers with integrity the ability to thrive and grow.

Capitalism is Not- A Dirty Word
Marketplace Solutions
without Big Government Involvement
Free Enterprise Regulating Fraud and Corruption

With "Contractor Facts" If any underhanded or foolish contractor would intentionally misrepresent with fraudulent documented information to influence a homeowners purchase they would lose their ability to take the consumer to court risking prosecution for intentional fraud. This insures contractor accountability providing a level playing field for productivity, ingenuity and honesty to compete fairly, to overpower inefficiency, complacency, dishonesty, and corruption. Consumer Awareness and Capitalism at its Finest

I am presenting a $1000 challenge to anyone for their position on "Disclosure". Either you are for "Disclosure", Or you are opposed to "Disclosure". My Position is that there can be no opposing point of view, especially For Those Who Oppose Fraud and Corruption, and as well as Inefficiency, Complacency and Dishonesty.

The Restoration of the American Work Ethic- American Exceptionalism

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