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Our Business Plan is Comprehensive
Turn Home Improvement Leads into Sales
with a sufficient profit margin to grow your business.
No commissions or lead fees to open marketing.


  1. Shop-At-Home Companies and Residential Contractors must meet All Existing Licensing and Insurance Requirements (Local, State, Federal)
  2. "Contractor Facts" - Copy Of Completed Disclosure Information Form To Be Included as Part of the Shop-At-Home Contract For Consumer Evaluation. The facts on your companyís history and operating procedure attested to with ownerís photo and signature which provides marketplace enforcement when attached as part of the contract. A Requirement is to Update the contractor facts annually.
  3. Copy Of Photo Identification Driverís License Passport Non-Driverís License
  4. Contractor to be in good standing with the local Better Business Bureau
  5. Contractor to be in good standing with the State Attorney Generalís office
  6. Three Contractor references from suppliers or manufacturers attesting to their history and accountability
  7. An Internet email address
  8. A Direct office and cell number, and the contact personís name for all communications.

"Contractor Facts" does not require any participant to disclose their company information on the "Contractor Facts" website - Participants may volunteer to Disclosure Information At Their Option.

*The free initiation fee may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

We will provide you with a printable Open Disclosure form for use on the back of your contract, or to use as an addendum to your contract. The organization will also provide access to sales formulas increasing lead generation increasing consumer response to your companyís existing marketing, increasing call back sales and recommendations.

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