Municipalities, Homeowners and Contractors all Benefit from Disclosure.

FACT- Real estate development will help create jobs at "0" cost to the taxpayer and generate community base taxed dollars for local municipalities by improving property values.

FACT- Criminal Activity Diminishes in Developed Neighborhoods.

Consumer confidence fosters consumer spending and the willingness to spend money will help the development of neighborhoods that might not have been developed in the past. Disclosing Contractor Reliability will create consumer interest in obtaining estimates for their home remodeling needs encouraging consumers to make comparisons on creative ideas and pricing for their projects. This creates a snowball effect for In-Home sales increasing market growth/real estate development, At the same time developing communities that are strong and stable.

FAMILY COMES FIRST- Every citizen deserves peace of mind when investing their time and money in their home. Having a well-maintained home in a neighborhood that is safe and secure is a quality-of-life issue.

Currently, Criminal Background Checks are NOT required by local municipalities. Testing for Competency is NOT required by most states.

State/ Local licensing requirements for contractors creates the illusion of competency to many homeowners, this is not true. On top of that some Shop-at-Home companies and contractors try to appear larger and more dependable than they really are. Slick fast-talking sales people can create a verbal illusion of dependability by simply avoiding those company facts of which they are not particularly proud. In fact, they out-and-out lie about company history and operating procedure. These underhanded Contractors have an overall general lack of accountability after they are paid for services. These inefficient and incompetent companies are here today, gone tomorrow and when they fail the owners start a new company, obtain a license and repeatedly start over again.

This must be stopped! More people are robbed at pen point by incompetent home improvement contractors than are robbed at gunpoint by muggers.

The Court of public opinion...

Disclosure for the
In God We Trust
James Karl Weigold

This website was established to collect all the pertinent stories from the news media, print, television, and radio on dealings with unscrupulous contractors. Consumers will have the ability to post their stories and dealings with dishonest contractors, with the ultimate goal of substantiating the necessity for DISCLOSURE/TRANSPARENCY Send in your story about contractor fraud. Every homeowner has a story to tell about both financial and emotional loss due to the corruption in shop at home selling. INFO@MANDATETOTHEMAYOR.COM

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